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Our Clients

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AA Security Services Pte Ltd
Abacus Distribution  
ABB Installation Materials  
Abex Engineering
Academy Kidz Inc Pte Ltd  
Accent Engineering
Acromec Engineers  
Ackron International Manufacturing Pte Ltd         
Ackron International Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Ackron International Pte Ltd  
Acromec Engineers
Acturus Technology
Adaptec Mfg (S) Pte Ltd  
ADCT Technologies Pte Ltd
Adroit Innovations
Advance Tech Automation Pte Ltd  
Advanced Control
Advanced Language Centre
AEC Business School Pte Ltd
Aedas LPT  
Aeon Earth Private Limited
Aeroquip Division, Trinova
Aexis Security Management Pte  Ltd
Agere Systems Singapore Pte Ltd  
Aik Hua F&B Group  
Aik Lee Industries Supply Pte Ltd
Air Power Resources
Air Transport Training College   
AIRTEC Corporation (Asia) Pte Ltd
A-IT Software Services Pte Ltd
Alaska Fan House
ALC Technologies
Alco Engineering
Alexandra Sparkletots  
Alexis Links
Alignment Tool (S) Pte Ltd      
Alma-Tech Precision
Alpha & Omega Business Advisory Pte Ltd
Alpha Focus (S) Pte Ltd
Aluminium French Doors &Windows  
Almalfi Semiconductor   
AMD S'pore
Amos International (S) Pte Ltd
Amway (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Angkasa Hong Leong Pte Ltd
AOM Singapore
APM Property Management Pte Ltd
APT-Tech Associates  
Arch Chemical(Singapore)
Architects SG LLP 
Archivision Architects
Ascend Education Centre  
Asia Computer Services  
Asia Jupiter Systems  
Asia Pacific Mgmt Institute  
Asiatic Group (Holdings) Limited  
Assa Abloy  
Associated Civic Akitek  
Associated Property Consultants
Association of Muslim Professionals
Association of Small and Medium Enterprises
AT&T Worldwide  
AUP Consultants  
Australian Timber Products  
Autodesk Asia Pte Ltd
Automation & Computer Engrg
Autoveyor ( Singapore )  
Avalanche Mechtronics Pte Ltd  
AZ Armaturen Asia Pte Ltd

B.H. Ng Consultants
Ban Choon Marketing Pte Ltd
Ban Chuan Construction
Barwill Agencies
Baumer (Singapore) Pte Ltd  
Bedok Commercial School 
Bedok NEWater Plant 
Benning Power Enterprises  
Berkeley Cleaning Services  
Binary Information Technologies  
Blackstone Power & Control  
BLC Electronics  
BNF Engineering  
BNF Industries  
BNF Services  
BNL Services   
BNP Paribas  
Board of Commissioners of Currency  
Bodycote Singapore Pte Ltd
Bok Seng Logistics
Bradford-Rex Educational Consultants Pte Ltd
Brightbeam & Elyo Pte Ltd
British Business School
British Council
Broadcast Professional Pte Ltd  
Brother International Singapore Pte Ltd
BS Technology  
Bukit Sembawang 

C H Lim Consultants  
CAAS-Air Traffic Control  
CAAS-Aircargo Agent  
CAAS-Airport Development Unit 
CAAS-Airport Emergency Services 
CAAS-Airworthiness & Flight Op  
CAAS-Computer Ctr Op
CAAS-Corporate Affairs  
CAAS-Engineering Division  
CAAS-Estate Management  
CAAS-Finance Department  
CAAS-HR Division  
CAAS-Internal Audit Division  
CAAS-MIS Section
CAAS-Performance Unit  
CAAS-Research Performance  
CAAS-Singapore Aviation Acedemy  
Cafe Cartel
Calfarme ( Singapore )  
Cambridge Child Care  
Camp Dresser & Mckee Int'l  
Camp High Achiever
CCW Associates    
CE Resources  
Central Provident Fund Board (CPF)
Central Star Marine Supplies Pte Ltd
Certification International (Singapore) Pte Ltd  
CEVA Freight (Singapore) Pte Ltd
CH & Associates Consulting  
Champion Motors
Chan Rong Fen Building Construction Pte Ltd 
Chaplin Design  
Charming Garden Restaurant  
Chartered Architects International     
Cheng Meng Furniture  
Chez Design  
China ChongQing Construction
Choon Hoe Heng Pte Ltd
Chu Hoe Hing Trading
Chuan Wang Parquet Pte Ltd  
Chye Chee Manpower  
Cinch Electronics
Ciseern by design Furnishing Pte Ltd
City Development Ltd (CDL)  
City Spring Infrastructure Management Pte Ltd    
CKT Thomas
Clearhub Pte Ltd
Club Chinois
Coast Channel Marine Services Pte Ltd  
Coffee Club Pte Ltd  
Cofreth Technology  
ComfortDelGro Driving Centre  
Commoditas Pte Ltd
Compol System Design  
Computer & Technologies
Computer Storage Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd 
Computer Systems Advisers     
Concept Communications  
Conics Technologies
Connect Centre Pte Ltd 
Connected Computing  
Contec Data  
Conteem Engineers  
Continental Engineering
Control Logic Systems  
Conval Hardware
Coralfarm Aquaristic Pte Ltd
Covic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd  
CP Metropolo  
CPS Asia
Craftstech Aero
CrimsonWorks Solutions Pte Ltd 
CSE Global Ltd  
Customs & Excise Department
Cyber car Services Centre Pte Ltd  

Dailian Internatioanl Pte Ltd
Danmax Security Management Pte Ltd
DataOne (Asia)  
DCA Architects
Decillion Solutions
Defence Science & Technology Agency 
Deans Property  
Delta Exports  
Dembicon Equipment    
Dennis Wee Realty
Derako (S) Pte Ltd  
Design Act  
Design Speak  
Deutshe Bank 
DHL Excel Supply Chain Singapore Pte Ltd   
Diasham Resources
DID Electronics  
Diethelm Keller Engineering     
Digiland International
Digistore Solutions (DSS)  
Divetech Marine Services Pte Ltd
DNI Technology
DNIV Int'l Pte Ltd
DNR Process Solutions Pte Ltd    
DNT Singapore
Dryclean Express Services
dU Lexbuild International Pte Ltd
Dutech Singapore Pte Ltd   
Dynaforce International Pte Ltd

E&E Technologies
Econ Wood Products  
Edenred Pte Ltd
Edgilis Pte Ltd
EDS International  
EIA Components  
Electronic Synergies (S) Pte Ltd  
Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd   
Electsol (S) Pte Ltd 
Elsag Bailey
ELYO S.E.A     
EMA - System Control Department   
Enamelled Wire & Cable  
Energy Market Authority - System Control       
Energy Market Authority  
Eng Leong Huat Construction Pte Ltd
EQ Technologies  
ES McNulty School
ESA Assembly  
ESEC Asia Pacific  
Eveready Manufacturing
Eversteel Engineering Works
Excedo Technologies  
Expressions International (S) Pte Ltd
Eye-biz Pte Ltd 
Eye Lighting

F Pte Ltd
FEC Services Pte Ltd
Feng Plumbing Pte Ltd
Fengmei Builders  
Feoso Oil (S) Pte Ltd 
Fine Aluminium Pte Ltd
First Engineering
First Principal
Flawless Group
Flecon Multi Systems 
Flemings Safety Pte Ltd     
Flight Focus Pte Ltd
Fong Yeh
Fonterra Brands (Asia Holdings) Pte Ltd  
Forum Architects
Frankly Maintenance     
Fratelli Consulich Bunkers  
Fresver Beauty Pte Ltd
Frisco Technology
Frontier Integrated Technology Pte Ltd
Fugro Data Solutions Pte Ltd
Fujitsu Microelectronics  
Fusheng Construction
Future Employment Pte Ltd 

G Army-LRIB  
Galax Services  
Garden Hotel
Genovate Solutions Pte Ltd
Geometra International (Pte) Limited
Gleanayre Electronics   
Global ECN Pte Ltd
Global Indian International School
GME Chemicals (S) Pte Ltd   
Gold Lite Engineering  
Golden Lights HS Bunkering Pte Ltd  
Goober Communications  
Good Friend Agency
Goodrich Martime  
GP Design
Grand City Restaurant
Grandbuild Construction Pte Ltd
GRID Communications Pte Ltd    
Grocery Logistics of Singapore  
Guan Joo Construction 

Haarmann & Reiner  
Hai Fu Marine Services Pte Ltd
Hai Soon Diesel & Trading Pte Ltd
Hallmark Physiotherapy Pte Ltd
Happy Home Agency  
Harvest Resources  
Havas Medimedia Asia  
Hayakawa International (S) Pte Ltd
HCS Scientific & Chemical Pte Ltd
Hean Nearng Holdings
Hexacon Construction Pte Ltd
High Achievers Training Consultancy Pte Ltd
Higher Profits Action Pte Ltd
Himawari Hotel Apartments  
HLH Tyre & Battery
HMS Far East Pte Ltd  
Ho Printing
Hobby Construction  
Hock Lee Trading
Honda Connectors
Hong Leong Holdings
Hong Soon Hardware
Hong Spa
Hoover Stainless
Hotel 81 Management
HSC Pipeline Engrg
Hup Yew Sen Construction
Hussman Tempcool    

i.Logistics Pte Ltd
IC Equipment Pte Ltd
ID Eprint
ID Technologies
IDA-Business Transforming & Industry Development 
IDA-Government Chief  Information Office  
IDA-Research & Stat Unit  
IDA-Terminal Equipment & Facility Mgmt Dept
Imation Singapore
Incall System Pte Ltd
Inetest Resource
In-Mat Technologies (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Infab Technology (Asia) Pte Ltd  
Infinite Graphics  
Infonet Systems & Services  
Informatics Holding  
Informatics System  
Information Technology Instutite
Innovax Systems Pte Ltd 
Inno-Workz Pte Ltd
Inovis Consultancy
Insiro Pte Ltd
Insolvency Svcs & Public Trustee  
Institute of Microelectronics  
Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
Intellignet Actuators Systems
Interconsultants Pte Ltd  
Interior Expression
International Flavours & Fragrances  
International Hair & Beauty Academy
International Sea & Land Engrg
Investamatic (S)    
IPACS Computer Svcs (S)  
IRAS-IT System & Div
ISIS Doc Pte Ltd  
IT Consultancy
Iverson Computer Associates 

JM Pang & Associates  
Jackson Alliance  
Jackson Automation  
Jardine Cofreth
Jasscan Inspection Pte Ltd  
Jean Yip Salon  
Jenmon International Pte Ltd
Jingmen Jiayuan Construction Co. Ltd
JR Foodstuff Industries Pte Ltd
JTC Corporation-IDG
Jurong Town Corp-ITD
Jurong Town Corp-CSD
Jurong Town Corp-FMS
Jurong Town Corp-SDLT
JVG Pte Ltd 

Kai Yin
Kajima Overseas Asia Pte Ltd  
Kang Lian Contractors 
Kansai Paint 
Kao Lee Aluminium  
Karcher Asia Pacific
Keenkind International Academy Pte Ltd
Kema Electronics
Keng Soon Auto  
Kentol Building Services  
Kenwood Real Estate  
Kenyon Engineering
Keppel Housing Pte Ltd
Keppel Seghers Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd
Kew Lian Pte Ltd  
KGM Brothers Contractor
Kimic Chemitech (S)
Kimly Construction Pte Ltd
Kinden International Ltd  
Kingston Property  
Kingview Engineering Pte Ltd
Kippo Pavilion Restaurant  
KnowledgeWindow Aisa Pacific Pte Ltd
Konig IT
Koong Yee Renovation Works Pte Ltd
Koong Yick Seng Kee
Koyee Beauty & Physiotherapy Specialist
KPS Coating
Kupps & Sachs Pte Ltd

LA Construction Pte Ltd
Laerdal Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Laerdal Singapore Pte Ltd
Land Transport Authority-ITSD  
Lansat Commnuications  
Lao Beijing Dinning Hall  
Lay Sing Construction
Le Champ (S.E.A)
Lectret Precision
Lee Heng Glass  
Lee Hwa Holdings  
Lee Sian Teck Chartered  
Lee Thermal Engrg
Lee Wung Wooden Boxes Co. Pte. Ltd  
Leefon Corporation
Lexington Enterprises Pte Ltd
LG Architects
Lian Bee Metal Pte Ltd
Liebherr Singapore Pte Ltd
Lifeline Corporation  
Lim Kim Hai Electric Co (S)  
LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant  
Lintec Singapore Pte Ltd
Lokit Polymer
Loyal Employment Agency
Lubrizol Southeast Asia (Pte) Ltd
Lucky Joint Construction  

M.U. Industrial
Mad Jack Pte Ltd
Malpore Properties & Services  
Mandate Logistics  
Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS)
Markpoint Engineering  
Martin Edward & Mok
Maxim Ads
McPEC Marine & Offshore Engineering Pte Ltd
MCYS-Emergency Preparedness Unit
MCYS-Singapore Boy's Home
Measurement Metrology
Mectron Engineering
Media Development Authority 
Mee Mee Optics
Mentor Media  
Menumbar Offshore Pte Ltd
Merstar International
Metal Industries
Metaltec Fabrication Works
Method Engineering
Micronclean Singapore  
Microtac Systems Pte Ltd
Microtech Engineering Pte Ltd
Milcom Aerospace   
Milcom Manufacturing
Mind Stretcher Education Pte Ltd
Mindef Shared Services - Personnel Services Centre
Mindtrac (S) Pte Ltd
Ministry of Community Development
Ministry of Defence-SCO
Ministry of Education-Contracts & Procurement Unit
Ministry of Education-Logistics Office
Ministry of Env-Choa Chu Kang Columbarium
Ministry of Env-Mandai Columbarium
Ministry of Env-Drainage Dept
Ministry of Env-Water Resources
Minstry of Finance-HQ
Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Home Affairs (CNB)
Ministry of Home Affairs (Finance Division)
Ministry of Home Affairs (T&I Division)
Ministry of Law
Ministry of Manpower
Ministry of National Deve-CIS Dpt
Mitsui Soko (Singapore)
MJ Precision Tools
Morris Allen Study Centre
Morris Material Handling
Mount Faber Leisure Group Pte Ltd
MPA-Bunkering Services
MPA-Electronics & Communication Dept
MPA-Engineering Dept
MPA-Maritime Env & Hazardous Cargo
MPA-One Stop Document Ctr
MPA-Pilot Examination Section
MPA-Port Master Dept (VTIS)
MPA-Personnel Dept (HRIS)
MPA-Property Mgmt
MPA-Shipping Div
MPA-Singapore Mariner's Club
MS Marine Pte Ltd
MV Resources  
MY-MZ Private Limited 

Nam Tat Construction
Nanyang Optical
Nanyang International Sports School
Nara Mechnical & Electrical  
Nation Employment  
National Art Council
National Institute of Education
National Library Board-IS Dpt  
National Library Board-Infocomm  
National Library Board-Network Service  
National Park Board
National University Hospital   
Nationwide Realty  
Natsteel Electronics  
Navy - HQ SQN  
Navy - HQ COSCOM  
Navy - HQ Fleet Op.  
Navy - Personnel  
NEA-Senoko Incineration Plant  
NEC Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd
NeoAsia (S)  
Neptune Orient Lines  
Netband Technology  
Netreach Asia
Network Courier
Network Express Courier Services Pte Ltd
Network International Courier Services Pte Ltd
Nextec Applications  
Niche Tech  
Nipo International Private Limited
Nippon Pigment  
Noble House   
Norva (S.E.A)  
Nova Sprint Consulting  
NS Tech Electronic  
Ntegrator Pte Ltd
NUH-Diagnositcs Imaging   
NTT Singapore  
Nurture Craft Pte Ltd
Nurture Craft Educational Pte Ltd  
NUS-Internal Audit Unit  
NUS-Office of Estate & Devt 
NYU Language Centre
Oakwell Engineering Limited
Ocean Tanker  
Oilstate Ind (Asia)    
OLS Manufacturing Co. 
Open Systems Innovation  
Opus IT Services Pte Ltd  
Orchard Laundry
Ordell Management
Origin Scientia Pte Ltd
OSK Metal (S) Pte Ltd  
Osram Pte Ltd 

Pacasia (Singapore) Pte Ltd 
Pacific Oils & Fats Pte Ltd 
Pacific Orient Sea Transport  
Palmstone Group of Companies
Pancake King Pte Ltd
Parico Electrical Engrg
Parliament of Singapore
Perfect Graphics Studio   
Perocom Auto
PH Hydraulic & Engrg  
Phoon Huat & Co (Pte) Ltd
Photronics S'pore  
PKS Contracts Services  
Plant Electrical Instrumentation  
Platinum Technology
POSB Computer Services  
Power Gird  
Prestige Marine Services Pte Ltd 
Predemco Services   
PROCEMS Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd 
PSB Certification  
PT Megaron Semesta
PTT International Trading Pte Ltd
PUB-Infocomm Department
PUB-IS Dept  
PUB-Johor River
PUB-Water Conservation & Inspectorate  

Qian Hu Fish Farm Trading    
QT Saehan Pte Ltd
Quality Power Mgmt  
Queenstown Multi Service  
Queenstown Sparkletots 

R.E. Rogers (Singapore)
Radin Mas Primary School
Raffles Hairdressing College Pte Ltd
Raffles Institution  
Reffles Treats Pte Ltd
Rahmonic Resources  
Raymond Maids Employment 
RecruitPlus Consulting Pte Ltd  
Red Technologies (S) Pte Ltd
Redox Chemical   
Reuters Asia
Reliance Environmental  
Remmers (Far East)  
Renalcare Mt Elizabeth  
RFNET Technologies  
RGM International  
RIC Marine  
Rieme Hair & Beauty Training Centre Pte Ltd 
Rodney Chng & Associates  
Rosenberg East Asia Pte Ltd 
Rotary Automation Pte Ltd
Rotary Electrical Company (Pte) Ltd
Rotary Engineering Limited
Rotary IMC Pte Ltd

S H Lim Architects  
Safe Technology  
Safeguard Sysem & Services Pte Ltd  
Salestrade Corporation (S) Pte Ltd  
Saleslink International (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Santa Grand Hotel
Sarir International (S) Pte Ltd
Sarskil (S) Pte Ltd
SC Fulfil Pte Ltd
School of Commandos  
Seabridge Bunkering Pte Ltd
Sealing & Coating 
Seals Technology Asia Pacific Pte Ltd 
Seatown Construction  
See Seng Enterprise  
Sema Group  
Senoko Incineration Plant
SEP Partnership  
Sercel Singapore  
Sharp-Roxy Sales (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Sharp-Electronics (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Shine Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
Shingda Construction Pte Ltd
Shinjitsu - Cybertrek Group  
Shipscan Marine  
Siemens Pte Ltd
Sin Boonly Electric
Sinhonly Fish Nets Pte Ltd  
Sin Hwa Dee Foodstuff  
Sin Leong Lee Coffee
Sin Leong Sieng Pte Ltd   
Sing & San Construction  
Singapore Aviation Academy
Singapore Bus Service  
Singapore Civil Defence Force  
Singapore Engineers
Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd 
Singapore Funeral Services 
Singapore MRT Ltd  
Singapore Inline
Singapore Sailing Federation
Singapore Network Services  
Singapore Police Force-Police Logistics  
Singapore Police Force-Police Radio Dpt  
Singapore Police Force-Police Technology  
Singapore Pools  
Singapore Power - CAD  
Singapore Power - ISD  
Singapore Prisons  
Singapore Sport Council  
Singapore Telecom-Aeradio  
Singapore Telecom-Paging  
Singapore Telecom-Int'l Switch  
Singapore Telecom-Mobile  
Singapore Telecom-Satellite  
Singapore Telecom-Software Sup   
Singapore Telecom-Submarine Cable  
Singapore Tourism Board  
Singapore Transport Supply  
Singconex Management Pte Ltd
Sinspec Marine Services Pte Ltd 
Siong Yu Seng Construction  
Smart Card International
Sodexo Singapore Pte Ltd
Software Centre - Siemens
Solid Resources
Sonardyne Asia
Sony Electronics-CSS   
Sony-Info Systems & Solutions
Southernpec (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Southern Stainless Steel  
SP Force
SP Powergrid Ltd
Sparklewood Products
Specialix (Asia)  
Speedcom Distribution Pte Ltd
Spirax Sarco
STAP Precision Engineering
STD Groups
STL Construction
ST Synthesis  
ST-Training and Simulation  
S Y Interior
Straits Construction Co. Pte Ltd
Steady Piling  
Steril Medical  
Storbest Logistic  
Strategic Information Systems  
Sumitronics Singapore Pte Ltd
Sundanese Indonesian Massage LLP (Bedok)
Sunflower International Hospitality Services
Supreme Imaging Pte Ltd   
Swarm Electronics  
Swee Bee Co.
Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd   
Syspro Systems   
System Access  
Systron Power System 

T& L Aircon Services & Construction Pte Ltd
Tacam Steel Pte Ltd
Tah Li Electronics Pte School
Tamaris Hairdressing & Beauty School (1987)
Tan See Kiat Chartered Architect  
Tapisteam Cleaning Services  
Tasin Electrical   
TC Centre  
TCM Consultants
Teambuild Construction Pte Ltd  
Teamsystem Construction Pte Ltd
Techsource Systems Pte Ltd
Teesin Machinery  
Techli Hung Pte Ltd
Telelingua Educational Centre Pte Ltd
Tembusu Home  
TET Alliance Asia Pte Ltd
The Ark Learning Centre
The Global Serve Pte Ltd  
The Paramount Restaurant  
The Restaurant Association  
The School of Applied Studies
Thermal International  
Timothy Seow Associates Architects  
TJ Systems (S) Pte Ltd
TME Systems Pte Ltd
TNT Express Worldwide (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Toni International-Sch of Hairdesign & Beauty
Top Pave  
Top Plasterceil  
Topco Industries
Tropical 21
Tractel Singapore
Training Link Consulting Services Pte Ltd
Tramp Oil & Marine (Far East) Pte Ltd
Transocean Oil Pte Ltd
TSP Architects + Planners
Tuas Power Generation Pte Ltd 
Tuas Power Ltd  
Tuck Lee International Pte Ltd 
Tung Lok Restaurant  
Tung Lok Seafood Gallery  
Twin Engineering & Hardware
Twin Engineering & Offshore
Tylon (M) Sdn Bhd 

U-Excel Education Centre
UBM Engineering  
UIC Asian Computer  
UIC Computer Systems  
Uni-Associated Consultant  
Union Containers   
Unique Hardware 
Unisys Singapore Pte Ltd
Unite Precision Engineering Pte Ltd 
Universal Fire Systems 
Universal Innovation Technology Pte Ltd

Vanson Engineering 
Vedure MediBoutique
Vedure Pte Ltd  
Vision Bulding Forensics Pte Ltd 
Vincent, Han & Associates
VS Aircraft Interior Maintenance Specialist Pte Ltd

W & P Piling
Wah & Hua Pte Ltd  
Wah Heng Glass Contractors  
Wah Loon Electrical Engrg  
Wah Hoong Paper Packaging Industries Pte Ltd
Wan Hu Fish Farm
Walsall Asia Pacific Pte Ltd  
Wanin Industries
Wannian Slimming Beauty Treatment Centre Pte Ltd
Warburg Vending Pte Ltd
Wang Fung Construction  
Wangi Industries   
Warranty Management Pte Ltd
Watson Plastics Industries
Wee Meng Construction Engineering Pte Ltd  
Wee Poh Construction  
Wei Hsing Food (S) Pte Ltd
Weldtech Marine Services  
Welgrow Agencies  
Wellform Construction
Weng Hock Hardware Pte Ltd  
West Asia  
West Pharmaceutical  
Western Pneumatic  
WhiteBox Computer  
Whizz-Work Pte Ltd
Wholetech System Hitech (S) Pte Ltd
Wilco Oilfield Services  
Wilmax Controls 
Wilmax Engineering Pte Ltd
WKS Industrial Gas Pte Ltd
Woo & Woo Precision Industries Pte Ltd
Woodhead Asia  
Woodland Sunny Foods Pte Ltd
WPM Technology Sdn Bhd 

Xing Rong Contractor
Xpress 21 Pte Ltd

Ya Kun International Pte Ltd
Yau Lee Construction (Singapore) Pte Ltd  
Yat Lye  
YCH Technology  
Yogurt Place Pte Ltd 
Yokogawa Trading 
Yoong Precision Engineering and Trading
YMCA Education Centre

Zenecon Bonded Warehouse  
Zenecon Engineering  
Zhaplin Work 
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